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Alamak Operator Application / Referrals

Alamak Referral System

The Alamak Referral System has been discontinued for a variety of reasons.

As stated from the outset with the Referral System we reserve the right to discontinue or cancel any referral time earned at any time for any reason.

The Referral System was too complicated for users to understand easily and so was not having the desired effect at getting more new users to signup for Alamak.

Finally, the programming was too complicated and some people had managed to trick the Referral System and get around the programming checks creating loops so from one billing the program would go into a loop and giving them thousands of referral points.

For those who had referral points and free months due we ran a normal cycle to move the points to the free months column then directly added the free months to the account time even if the account was expired. We then erased all the referrals, free months, points, and disabled the system. Our top referrer had earned a total of 46 free months!!!

We may start a new promotion in a few months so keep your eyes open!!!

We apologize for any inconvience caused by these changes.

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For Credit Card Application just click any of the Credit Card images Here.

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For applications by Cheque, Money Order, Bank Transfer, or in person Click Operator Application by Mail
Bank Transfer - Singapore

For Singapore users with a POSB or DBS bank account you can use Bank Transfer. Just Click Operator Application by Bank Transfer