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"Fun & Friendly Chat & Games since 1995"
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Important Notice
If you can not access or please try our backup cluster which is Please write down or remember this address in case you can not access the regular servers. This address is also on our list of mirrors in the top right corner of our login page.

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Maks (12 users)     Doorstep     International    
Teens11_15     Teens16_19     20plus    
30plus     40plus     Bar    
Hot Tub     Singapore (56 users)     SG Malay Chat    
SG LittleIndia (2 users)     Native_American     Inuit    
Arabia     Aussie Chat     Canada    
France     Espanol     Indonesia    
India     Malaysia (47 users)     Sabah    
Sarawak     Mexico     Pakistan    
Philippines (1 users)     Quebec     FrameChat    

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