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 Change Passwords

For password, challenge question, and challenge answer changes please use the Change Password Form.

 Change Account Details

To change your account name, email address, phone, street address details please use the Change Account Info form.

 Check Account Status

To search for your old account, search for your old account that has been nick knocked to another nick, check expiration dates, check for suspension, check suspension reason, or check account level use the Account Status form.

 Credit Card Billing Problems

For Credit Card billing problems please call us at the EM office at (not listed/use contact form ) or select Credit Card Billing Problem below! For all other billing and account update problems please contact the office which you made payment.

Please note that a Credit Card Approval message from WorldPay or a statement showing the amount has been debited is not proof that you have been billed. Confused? Then read on...

After an approval Alamak has the option to post-authorize the transaction or to let it time-out, if your cardholder details are incorrect or it is in a high-risk catagory we will not post-authorize. If we do not post-authorize no money is charged and the account is not added.

Furthermore the money appears to have been debited from the credit card even if we do not settle the transaction. The transaction must time-out after 7 days at which point the money will re-appear on your card. We can not control this, this is how the credit card authorization/settlement system works. So please check with your credit card company before you report to us that you paid but the account was not added.

 Other Billing Problems

For all other billing and account update problems please contact the office which you made payment or select the correct office from the subjects available below..

 Provide Necessary Details

Remember, we can't read the minds of people who send us email. If you send and email with
  1. my account doesn't work, I can't login
  2. my password doesn't work, what is my password or challenge answer?
  3. I was banned unfairly
We won't be able to help you and will have to email you back with ask...
  1. What account nickname? Which login page? Which server? What was the error?
  2. What's your name, email, street address, What new password do you want?
  3. What is the real nickname and ID of the Operator (/id command)? Do you have an /abuse report to proove it?
So please make sure you provide the necessary details so we can help you the first time!

You can call us at one of our offices but it's faster and more efficient to use this contact form. We'll try to resolve your problem in a timely manner.

Trying to relay account details over the phone or by bouncing 5 emails back and forth is not efficient, so for best service you should select the appropriate catagory and fill out the requested infomation.

 Deop & Suspensions

If your account has been SUSPENDED for sharing or any other reason please select Passwords below, request new passwords, include an explanation for your offense and we will review your case and if appropriate restore your account with new passwords. Once you get the new passwords do not reveal them to anyone or use the same passwords on any other web site where the admin. of that site might try them on Alamak and get into your account again.

Please understand that DEOP and SUSPEND are different. If you can login to your account but not use /kick /ban /summon then the account is DEOPPED. To remedy this use the /com [message] command to contact the server committee and give an explanation and request to be restored. Alamak office has no control over deops. If you are suspended you will not be able to login and you will get a message with the suspension reason. In this case please contact one of the offices or submit a contact here. The main office will not override suspensions by other offices as we are not aware of specific abuse issues in each server.

Select Catagory